terraform-docs is a utility to generate documentation from Terraform modules in various output formats.


You can also have consistent execution through a .terraform-docs.yml file.

Once you set it up and configured it, every time you or your teammates want to regenerate documentation (manually, through a pre-commit hook, or as part of a CI pipeline) all you need to do is run terraform-docs /module/path.

Read all about configuration.


One of the most popular format is markdown table, which is a very good fit for generating README of module.

which produces:

Read all about available formats.


terraform-docs compatiblity matrix with Terraform can be found below:

terraform-docs Terraform
>= 0.13 >= 0.15
>= 0.8, < 0.13 >= 0.12, < 0.15
< 0.8 < 0.12

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