The terraform-docs configuration file uses the yaml format in order to override any default behaviors. This is a convenient way to share the configuration amongst teammates, CI, or other toolings.

terraform-docs will locate any available configuration file without needing to explicitly pass the --config flag.

The default name of the configuration file is .terraform-docs.yml. The path order for locating it is:

  1. root of module directory
  2. .config/ folder at root of module directory (since v0.15.0)
  3. current directory
  4. .config/ folder at current directory (since v0.15.0)
  5. $HOME/.tfdocs.d/

if .terraform-docs.yml is found in any of the folders above, that will take precedence and will override the other ones.

Here is an example for how your terraform project file structure might look, and where the .terraform-docs.yml file can be placed:

$ tree
├── ...
├── ...
└── .terraform-docs.yml

$ terraform-docs .

To use an alternative configuration file name or path you can use the -c or --config flag.

Or you can use a config file with any arbitrary name:

$ tree
├── ...
├── ...
└── .tfdocs-config.yml

$ terraform-docs -c .tfdocs-config.yml .


Since v0.10.0

Below is a complete list of options that can be used with terraform-docs, with their default values.

formatter: "" # this is required

version: ""

footer-from: ""

  enabled: false
  path: modules

  hide: []
  show: []

  hide-all: false # deprecated in v0.13.0, removed in v0.15.0
  show-all: true  # deprecated in v0.13.0, removed in v0.15.0

content: ""

  file: ""
  mode: inject
  template: |-
    <!-- BEGIN_TF_DOCS -->
    {{ .Content }}
    <!-- END_TF_DOCS -->    

  enabled: false
  from: ""

  enabled: true
  by: name

  anchor: true
  color: true
  default: true
  description: false
  escape: true
  hide-empty: false
  html: true
  indent: 2
  lockfile: true
  read-comments: true
  required: true
  sensitive: true
  type: true


As of v0.13.0, --config flag accepts both relative and absolute paths.

$ pwd

$ tree
├── module-a
│   └──
├── module-b
│   └──
├── ...
└── .terraform-docs.yml

# executing from parent
$ terraform-docs -c .terraform-docs.yml module-a/

# executing from child
$ cd module-a/
$ terraform-docs -c ../.terraform-docs.yml .

# or an absolute path
$ terraform-docs -c /path/to/parent/folder/.terraform-docs.yml .

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