The terraform-docs configuration is a yaml file. This is a convenient way to share the configuation amongst teammates, CI, or other toolings. To do so you can use -c or --config flag which accepts name of the config file.

Default name of this file is .terraform-docs.yml, and it will get picked up (if existed) without needing to explicitly passing with config flag.

$ tree
├── ...
├── ...
└── .terraform-docs.yml

$ terraform-docs .

Or you can use a config file with any arbitrary name:

$ tree
├── ...
├── ...
└── .tfdocs-config.yml

$ terraform-docs -c .tfdocs-config.yml .

As of v0.13.0, the order for looking for config file is (2 and 4 were added in v0.15.0):

  1. root of module directory
  2. .config/ folder at root of module directory
  3. current directory
  4. .config/ folder at current directory
  5. $HOME/.tfdocs.d/

if .terraform-docs.yml is found in any of the folders above, that will take precedence and will override the other ones.


Since v0.10.0

Below is a complete list of options that can be used with terraform-docs, with their default values.

version: ""

formatter: <FORMATTER_NAME>

footer-from: ""

  hide: []
  show: []

  hide-all: false # deprecated in v0.13.0, removed in v0.15.0
  show-all: true  # deprecated in v0.13.0, removed in v0.15.0

content: ""

  file: ""
  mode: inject
  template: |-
    <!-- BEGIN_TF_DOCS -->
    {{ .Content }}
    <!-- END_TF_DOCS -->    

  enabled: false
  from: ""

  enabled: true
  by: name

  anchor: true
  color: true
  default: true
  description: false
  escape: true
  hide-empty: false
  html: true
  indent: 2
  lockfile: true
  required: true
  sensitive: true
  type: true


As of v0.13.0, --config flag accepts both relative and absolute paths.

$ pwd

$ tree
├── module-a
│   └──
├── module-b
│   └──
├── ...
└── .terraform-docs.yml

# executing from parent
$ terraform-docs -c .terraform-docs.yml module-a/

# executing from child
$ cd module-a/
$ terraform-docs -c ../.terraform-docs.yml .

# or an absolute path
$ terraform-docs -c /path/to/parent/folder/.terraform-docs.yml .

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